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Cartoons and Humor For Musicians

Welcome to Cartoon Humor for Musicians. On this blog, I’ll be sharing my latest cartoons about music, musicians, music history, music theory, musicology, and all things musical.

Cartoon of the Day

ethnomusicology cartoon

I hope you enjoy browsing the cartoons on this site. You can jump to cartoons about various subjects, including:


About the author

My name is Loren Fishman. I’m a piano instructor here at Carleton College. I started cartooning as an outlet for the many cooky and esoteric observations I have had and continue to have during my life in the world of classical music – interacting with other musicians, and with the uniquely silly aspects of this field. In addition to teaching piano, I work as a cartoonist for hire and produce a cartoon panel called Humoresque Cartoons, which started as a cartoon series strictly about music, but has evolved over the years into a cartoon about anything under the sun.

You can also check out my other Carleton blog about piano lessons.