These are the Carleton students who make the posters, digital signs, coloring sheets and everything else on this blog. They are:


Fall 2016 – present

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Fall 2016 – present

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Our former student workers

Alice Cohen

Winter 2013 – Spring 2015

Alice Cohen was the first student Publicity and Outreach worker. She made our earliest digital signs, which we still use today. Alice was great, and we wish her luck in the world outside Carleton!

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Summer 2016

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Imani Ritchards

Fall 2015 – Spring 2016

Imani Ritchards is a Biology major who has an interest in art and graphic design. She spends most of her time studying, but when she has free time she likes to draw, spend time with friends, and play guitar. She hopes to someday find a career that will allow her to combine her love of art and science.

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Casey Short

Fall 2013 – Spring 2016

Casey Short is an English major with an interest in graphic design. She hopes to get a job in publishing or media relations after graduation; until then, she spends most of her free time reading novels, singing in her a cappella group, and working on her webcomic.

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