The Carls Ask Questions handout was a very large project I spent about 2 months on over the summer of 2017. We evaluated what was problematic with the old handout (which hadn’t been updated in 8 years).  While we discussed it among library staff, we also held an event to encourage student feedback. Using pizza as an incentive, we advertised a lunch event where students looked at the old handout and answered some questions about its usefulness.

I advertised for this event with rotating digital signs in the library, a campus-wide digital sign, flyers, and a post to the Carleton College 2k17 Facebook page:

“There will be free pizza in Lower Sayles this Thursday July 13th if you want to help new students find academic support on campus. You just have to fill out a questionnaire. All students are welcome and encouraged to come so that we can gather as much feedback as possible. See you there!”

Here’s what the original design looked like for reference:

The event was so successful, we ended up running out of pizza and questionnaires. Students unanimously agreed that this handout could be improved and that the map was not helpful. They mostly advocated for organizing information by types of support rather than by location. After a lot of back-and-forth feedback from students and library staff (as I developed and tweaked my designs), we ended up with a handout like this:

This handout was a large improvement from the old design, which was based around a campus map and color-coded key, because it served as an overview of the most relevant academic support sites on campus for new students. We decided to use representative icons (courtesy of The Noun Project), locations, and links to the relevant sites to find more information. Essentially, this handout served to resemble and summarize the CarlsAskQs webpage.

This handout was ready and printed off by New Student Week 2017.


Jordan Kobbervig ’19