Well, this is it.

Hello. My name is Casey Short, and I have been one of Gould Library’s Publicity & Outreach Assistants for three years now. This is my last work shift. I will graduate in six days.

Since I’ve been the main student worker running the blog since we started it, and since I’ve written almost all of the posts so far, my supervisor and I thought that this would be a good place to give my final thoughts and reflections on my time here.

This job has been educational. I have learned an unbelievable amount during my three years, both about design and outreach work and about what goes on inside a library. Where I started my sophomore year with some basic Photoshop knowledge and a good eye for color, I am now proficient (or at least functional) in the entire Adobe Creative Suite and have actual academic training in typography, principles of design, commercial illustration, color theory, and visual advertising. I also have a much better idea of how the library works and what each department does, from Archives & Special Collections to Preservation to Circulation, and I have at least a vague idea of how to present each department to a wider student body. I am not certain that I can express just how much my brain and my artwork have expanded over the past three years, but trust me when I say that the difference between then and now is astronomical.

This job has also been interesting. Kristin, my supervisor, has made it a point to ensure that I am being challenged by continually offering new tasks requiring creative solutions. Some of the most difficult projects are also the ones that I’m most proud of, like explaining Government Documents to the school at large, or making a full set of visually diverse but coherent trading cards for the librarians. Even in moments where the job hasn’t been particularly stimulating–for example, that time I went through our entire library of past projects to ensure proper filenaming conventions, or that time when I created a spreadsheet of every digital sign we’ve ever made–I got to see the basic structure of how the library is set up. I have very rarely been bored on the job, even in the face of normally “boring” tasks.

But most of all, this job has been fun. Working in the Libe is an absolute joy. The people are kind, the building is beautiful, and there is always something new and exciting going on. Every week, I get to come in and work on a difficult project, or design a colorful whiteboard for the lobby, or put up some new digital signs, and that kind of constant energy is breathtaking.

I have loved working here. I’m honestly not sure how else to sum it up; I have enjoyed every second of being a Publicity & Outreach Assistant, and I am so sad to be leaving. Luckily, I’m only moving 30 minutes north, so although this is goodbye to the blog, you can bet that I’ll be back to visit the Libe soon!

Thank you, Kristin, for being such a great boss; Imani and Alice, for being such great coworkers; and Gould Library, for being such a wonderful place to work.

Product: 3 years of design work and Outreach experience. Prompt from Outreach Team Carleton College: Your new work assignment is “Publicity & Outreach Assistant,” supervised by Kristin Partlo. Student Worker: CS.