Right next to the printers, we have a pile of paper.


Why do we have a paper pile? Well, it’s pretty simple. The paper pile is there to prevent people from pulling out the printer drawers. The printers, for all their persistence, are pretty breakable, and the more they get opened and closed, the higher the potential for something to go wrong–a paper jam, a popped ink pouch, a pulverized part. So the plan is that if we place a pile of paper in close proximity to the printers, then perhaps people will pick up their paper there, instead of pushing and pulling the poor printers all over the place.

Product: A plastic sign with a pleasant parable about the stapler and printers’ preferences.

Prompt from the Outreach team: Put together a plaque to preemptively plead with people to please not play with the printers. Student worker: AC (post prepared by CS and brought to you by the letter P).