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Trading Card Posters

On of our most important jobs at the Libe is making sure that the greater Carleton community knows what sort of resources are available here. Something that’s come up in discussion in the past week is the question of reaching out to the departments to make sure that students know who their particular reference librarians are. You may remember our new trading cards from this Fall; well, the librarians had me take those and make them into 11×17 posters.

TradingCardPosters_AZ TradingCardPosters_CLPE TradingCardPosters_CP TradingCardPosters_DL TradingCardPosters_IJ TradingCardPosters_KP TradingCardPosters_MB TradingCardPosters_SC

I took the altered versions of the trading cards that we have beside each librarian’s office and placed them in a larger color-coded context. The bottom of the poster design can also be printed separately, so that it can be taped on as a pocket to hold the actual trading cards. We’ll send these posters out to the individual academic departments to hang on their bulletin boards. This way, even if students don’t happen to pick up a trading card in the library, they’ll still be able to see which librarian is most useful to them based on their academic building.

Product: Editable posters for each department’s bulletin board. Prompt from Outreach team: Make some posters that match the trading cards to let people know we’re here! Student worker: CS.

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