Last spring, I mentioned our standees in conjunction with our Reunion Storytime event. Well, we figured that now would be a good time to show them off a bit.

We have three penguin standees: Oscar II, Gouldie the Penguin, and “That penguin with the hole in it for people to take pictures.” Oscar II is a cardboard version of the real Oscar the Penguin, while Gouldie is a cute cartoon:


We use Gouldie and Oscar II to hold signs during library events and direct people to where they need to go. (That particular sign is from Illustrate the Libe.)

“That penguin with the hole in it for people to take pictures,” on the other hand, is exactly what it sounds like:


A cartoon penguin with a hole in it for people to take pictures. This one comes out less often, mostly during Reunion and other big events. Still, we love it just as much as our other standees, and we’re always excited to bring it out!

Product: Three penguin standees. Prompt from Outreach team: Make some penguins to hold signs. Student worker: CS.