Last winter term, the Libe tried out a new stress-relieving idea: setting out giant coloring sheets in the lobby and letting students draw all over them. The event was such a hit that we ended up bringing the sheets out again during exams and repeating the event at Reunion.

This year, we decided to reuse the idea, but with a new twist. Instead of setting out blueprints of the Libe, the Outreach student workers created two grids of colorable book covers and interiors.



The two of us coordinated to make sure we would have a good balance of open and closed books and to make sure that we didn’t accidentally do the same idea. We drew some books, approximated a couple famous book covers, and adapted some beautiful scans of the Libe’s Special Collections books. Once we had enough, we pieced together the final grid.

We set out two copies of each grid with crayons, markers and pens and let the students get to work. When Midterm Break was over, we had some great work, but there was still a lot of blank space on the grids, so when finals rolled around we put them out again. These were some of our final results:




We’re so happy with the beautiful art our students have made! This Spring, we plan on hanging these up on the wall in the East Wing so that everyone can enjoy them as much as we do.

Product: Six large colorable sheets. Prompt from the Outreach Team: Make big grids of books for students to color. Student workers: CS and IR.