It’s finals time.


Freshmen are freaking, sophomores are slumping, juniors are… um… juggling lots of tasks, and seniors are ssssssPANICKING OVER THE STATE OF OUR FUTURES


Ahem. Excuse me. As I was saying, and as you might have guessed, we are all in need of a little stress relief. For the past couple years, the outreach student workers have been slowly adding to a series of “It’s Okay” digital signs. We mostly rely on heavy doses of cuteness:



But we also throw in the occasional terrible, terrible pun:



Since our digital signs usually host a bunch of pretty but formal informational posters and campus schedules, the occasional unicorn or puppy popping up provides a much-needed moment of happy squealing (or horrified groaning, in the case of that koala-ty pun).

At this point, we’ve got quite a good selection of signs, so we can rotate through them as the finals period goes on and they don’t get stale. We’re not even close to done, though–people like seeing these, and we like making them. This sign collection is going to keep growing for as long as we keep finding cute pictures and making bad jokes! (I.e., forever.)


Product: Many pretty and/or silly signs. Prompt from the Outreach Team: Let’s put something nice up on the digital signs to encourage students. Student worker: CS.