Each trimester, Carleton College gives students one day off in the middle of the ten weeks, a sacred holiday known only as ‘Midterm Break’. Each year, during the winter term’s midterm break, the Libe holds an event so students who are spending the day studying can de-stress. The last few years the event has involved children’s book story-reading, but this year we decided to try something new that could be on-going (not tied to a particular hour of the day) and to highlight our new collection of graphic novels.

We used old blueprints of the library building to create a comic book-like outline, and then printed several on large sheets of paper.


We left these blueprints out on table in the lobby all day along with snacks, nice pens, and instructions encouraging students to “make their mark on the Libe.” The results were incredible!


Product: Several digital signs, posters, and a colorable blueprint. Prompt from Outreach team: help us develop a coloring grid that students would like to color in. Student worker: AC.

Follow-up from supervisor, KP: during finals of spring term, we set the posters out once again for further doodling. Over the summer and into fall term, we displayed the delightful results on the wall of the library’s East Wing. We also made some additional digital signs using the finished drawings saying “There’s more happening in the Libe than you might expect.” We have also experimented with using this idea during reunion for alums to “make their mark on the Libe.”