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History of Computing

Summer 2019, Carleton College

Recent Travels

Where we’ve been, where we’re going, and what we’ve learned


King's College, Cambridge Last weekend, as you can see in Cole's post, we took a trip to the city of Manchester. After over two full weeks of traveling around England and France, it seemed fitting that we only had three nights back in Cambridge before hitting the road...

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Moving on to Manchester

Welcome, friends of the blog and beyond It's been a busy week since the beginning of our midterm break. After returning to Cambridge for a couple of days, the group packed up and prepared for another excursion. The destination this time: Manchester. The welcome sign...

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Return to Cambridge

Portion of PL/I sample code After weeks of traveling, including spending midterm break in London, it was time to head back to Cambridge. After an uneventful train ride (which fortunately occurred just two days before King’s Cross was shut down during a power outage),...

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My Midterm Break in Wales

The view of the valley while descending from Snowdon. We just wrapped up our midterm break which was from August 3rd-6th, and I was one of the many students who decided to use this time for some extra traveling. Dylan, James, and I wanted to see a more rural part of...

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Exploring London and Oxford

The past few weeks have been full of travel, and the past few days nearing our mid-term break have been no exception. On August 1, we made a trip to Oxford to see original Ada Lovelace documents through the Oxford University Archives. This included seeing letters...

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French + USA = Friends For Life

Bonjour and Hello! My name is Maya and I'm a rising Junior at Carleton. The past week in France has been absolutely spectacular. I had a friend who once told me to be wary, "the French absolutely hate Americans." However, the time I've had in France with the people,...

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I am writing this post from a ferry crossing the channel, from Normandy to Portsmouth, England. Looking back, the few days we spent here have been the highlight of the trip so far. We have been lucky enough to stay in a lovely hotel right in the center of the Bayeux,...

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To Portsmouth!

Leaving London, we piled onto a bus, and headed to Portsmouth. Once in Portsmouth, we immediately set out for Southwick House, the headquarters for the main allied commanders in the months leading up to D-day. Originally housing the overnight pupils of the Royal Navy...

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The Battle of Britain

We started our third full day in London with our lovely tour guide Ruth. While Monday and Tuesday kept us in London proper, Wednesday would take us further afield as far as the London suburb of Uxbridge. Priory clock tower (Photo credit: Nicole Binder) Our first stop...

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Goodbye Cambridge, Hello London!

Greetings, blog enthusiasts! This week, we have officially departed from Cambridge. Instead, we are now staying in London for a few days, before moving onto Portsmouth, then Normandy. It's already been quite a busy week! On Monday (the 22nd), we got to sleep in a bit...

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