Skill improvements after taking quantum mechanics

This term I have take quantum mechanics and in this blog, I will reflect on how taking this course improve my academic skills, including constructing theoretical models, analytical techniques, approximation and numerical methods, design research projects and communicating physics. This course complies very well with the standards set by the American Association of Physics Teachers as an undergraduate course. In terms of constructing theoretical models, I learned how to analyze a microscopic problem by setting up a quantum mechanics model. In this process, the Schrodinger equation often serves as a good start. I have also made improvements on the analytical skills. I can analyze a problem from its Hamiltonian, its angular momentum, and its other invariants. In this process, linear algebra often helps me a lot. We covered a lot on the approximation and numerical methods. We have studied the shooting methods and the matrix diagonalization method. We studied those methods carefully, implemented them in Mathematica and solved problems with them. Towards the end of the term, we also designed research projects on our own. I studied the perturbations on a hydrogen atom. As a result of the study, we communicate the result by writing a paper on it. As for communicating physics, we had plenty of in class discussions that greatly helped our participations and interactions in the class.