Catalyst is live!

We rolled out the first stage of the Catalyst interface on Wednesday, June 22, 2016. See the timeline below for more details

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering how to use Catalyst? Take a look at our FAQ page to get started.

Known issues

We are posting a list of known issues that we have run into post go-live. We’ll include workarounds when possible and update the posts when they’ve been resolved. Please bear with us as we work through these issues.

What is Catalyst?

Catalyst is the new library catalog and discovery tool that replaced Bridge Squared in summer of 2016. Bridge2, implemented in 2012, was the first discovery tool of the Bridge consortium (read all about it here), replacing the original Bridge catalog, which was released in 2004.


The new Catalyst appeared in two stages. The first stage was rolled out on June 22, 2016; the second was rolled out in August. Library staff have continued to work on adjustments to the interface through the fall. In November some new functionality will resolve some known issues.

You may notice some hiccups or quirks this summer and fall as we work to improve the system.

What will be different in Catalyst?

Catalyst is stillĀ  the primary place to search for records of library materials and to discover and access journal articles, images, databases, and all types of library publications. The interface looks different, but functions in much the same way as Bridge2. It will feature an updated appearance and navigation, new and better browse functionality, and will include a mobile interface by August.

What happens to Bridge Classic?

Millennium was the vendor that we had used for Bridge2 and Bridge Classic. Now that we have moved to an entirely new system, Bridge Classic will no longer be available. We believe that our new system will provide the same functionality you have counted on in Bridge Classic.


Contact a librarian (Carleton/St. Olaf) with questions and suggestions, or use the form on this site.