New library catalog this summer

Dear Carleton and St. Olaf faculty and staff,

We are pleased to announce that at the end of June the libraries will complete our migration to a new library management system that will replace our current software, Millennium, which is used to run the Bridge library catalog. Millennium is no longer being developed by the company that owns it.  After extensively researching alternatives, we have contracted with Ex Libris to run the Alma library management system. Alma has been adopted by many academic libraries, including the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin.  We are confident that Alma and its library catalog/search interface, which may look different than our current interface, will meet your needs and expectations, give us the ability to move forward as libraries and a consortium, and build upon the strong collaboration that characterizes Bridge.

Later this spring we will share more information about Alma, particularly the public features that you will be using for research, course reserves, and requesting materials.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either one of us.

Roberta Lembke                                                        Brad Schaffner
Director of IT and Libraries                                        College Librarian
St. Olaf College                                                          Carleton College