Video Tools and Instructional Continuity

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This short video offers insight into how Carleton faculty, staff, and students can use institution supported video tools to meet, teach, or attend classes and meetings remotely.

Here are some quick reminders:

Link to VPN Information:
Link to Zoom and Google Hangouts/Meet Training videos and documentation (on PEPS Event Page):
Link to Panopto Training Videos and Documentation:

Each tool has a few other bells and whistles that you may want to explore to determine what the best option is for you, and Academic Technology staff are great resources for you.

So, keep yourself and others healthy by washing your hands, eating and sleeping well, covering your cough, and then staying home if you are under the weather. When that happens, don’t forget that there are relatively easy ways to meet, teach, and stay connected while you work remotely. Reach out to Dann Hurlbert or the other Academic Technologists if you have any video conferencing or lecture capture questions.

Here’s a link to Academic Technology Staff:

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Dann Hurlbert

Media & Design Specialist at Carleton College
Dann Hurlbert is Carleton College's Media & Design Specialist, and he works directly with faculty to develop effective instructional videos and to evaluate associated learning and video effectiveness. Dann also supervises 30 students and manages Carleton's campus Event Video Production. Prior to Carleton, Dann spent 15 years teaching video production and theatre and worked as a professional actor and director — appearing in 50+ television commercials and nearly that many stage productions. His MFA thesis included producing an instructional video entitled How to Write and Produce Your Own High School Musical, which is currently being distributed through Films Media Group. He’s got a certificate in online teaching through UW Stout and has loads of experience as both a face-to-face and online instructor. He also designed and manufactured the Little Prompter, a personal teleprompter that helps educators easily create and flawlessly delivery their own video content. The LP2 is now available on Amazon and You'll often hear Dann advocate for the use of video . . . but only when it's both engaging and developed with assessment in mind.

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