Hello! Our names are Almeda and Gretchen, and we’re part of a group from Carleton College working on a translation of Lidia Golovkova’s 2013 book Where Are You? (Где ты?). The book follows the introduction and evolution of cremation in the Soviet Union.

We created this site with support from the Larson and Kelley International Fellowships as a resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the book, whether they are readers of our translation or just curious about its subject matter. The site focuses on prominent locations in Ms. Golovkova’s narrative and provides some background and historical context for each.

You can navigate by either location or chapter using the menu at the top of the screen.

Left to right: Gretchen, Lidia Golovkova, and Almeda. Photo: Aleksander Erofeev

Left to right: Gretchen, Ms. Golovkova, and Almeda. Photo: Aleksander Erofeev