Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the workshop first-come first-served? Is it already full? All applications received by the deadline will be reviewed at once. If you are interested and eligible, please apply.
  • Is there a cost to attend the workshop? The workshop itself is supported by NSF under award #1762479, so there is no registration fee and the grant covers meals during the hours of the workshop. Attendees are responsible for travel and lodging costs, as well as meals that do not occur during workshop hours. You are encouraged to speak with your Department Chair or Dean to request support for these costs.
  • Are scholarships available? Scholarships are available for a limited number of applicants who do not have access to funds to support their attendance. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, you will have the opportunity to indicate that fact and provide a rationale to support your request as part of your application to the workshop. Because funds are limited, we cannot guarantee scholarship support for all applicants who request it.
  • You say that to be eligible, an applicant must not have received federal funding as an independent investigator in direct support of their research.
    • I am a PI on a grant from a non-NSF federal agency, like the Army Research Office or NIH, but I do not have NSF funding. Am I eligible? No. Due to the large number of applicants expected, funding from any federal source disqualify you from attending the workshop.
    • I am a PI or co-PI on an NSF instrument grant (MRI) or REU grant. Am I eligible? Yes. Only receipt of federal funding that can be used for direct support of a faculty member’s research group would preclude applying for the workshop.
    • I participated as a PI or co-PI on a training grant such as a K99. Am I still eligible? Yes. If you have not received conventional funding while a faculty member, we will still consider your application. If you have questions about a program not mentioned above please contact the organizers.
  • You say that to be eligible to attend the workshop, the applicant is eligible to submit an NSF CAREER proposal in 2018.
    • Where can I find the complete description of who is eligible to apply for an NSF CAREER grant? The NSF CAREER award solicitation from 2017 is currently available here.
    • I am currently a postdoctoral fellow. Can I still attend the workshop? If you will be eligible to apply for the NSF CAREER award in 2018 due to an upcoming faculty position you may apply; otherwise you are ineligible. The NSF requires that you have a tenure track position as of October 1, 2018 to be eligible to receive an award based on a 2018 proposal (see 2017 solicitation instructions).
    • My department has hired a new faculty member, but they will not start this position until later this year. Can we still nominate them? Yes. You can nominate a newly hired faculty member so long as the candidate meets all other criteria. Please note this detail in your nomination letter.
    • I am currently a postdoctoral fellow who will start a faculty job later this year, should my current employer nominate me or my future one? You should receive a nomination from the chair of your future department. Please ensure that the nomination letter indicates that you will be starting a faculty position this year.
  • My research is interdisciplinary. Am I eligible to attend? If your research could be supported by any NSF Division of Chemistry program, we will consider your application.