Welcome to the Carleton College Moscow & Beyond 2014 Group Blog

babes Добро пожаловать [da-BROH pa-ZHAL-a-vat] to our group blogging site!
This blog combines two sources of information: the group blog on assigned topics (yes, homework) and students’ personal blogs. Students are not required to keep personal blogs, but if they choose to, they may do so here or they can use this site to link to blogs elsewhere. Use the menu above to navigate to different topics, to which we’ll be adding posts as we go along.
Singing at our seminar closing, Philological Faculty, Moscow University, 16 May 2014. Video credit: Taia Zinina


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6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Carleton College Moscow & Beyond 2014 Group Blog

  1. We’d love to continue being included. Gretchen gave us such a wonderful power-point presentation last summer.

  2. We’d love to hear about this great adventure since Gretchen Fernholz is involved in it.

  3. Just got the okay from the boss (Gretchen) to make comments on your blog. Keep up the great work, everybody! Your posts are so fun and interesting to read, and they mean more to us than you know.

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