Welcome to the website for Bringing the English Past to (Virtual) Life, a course at  Carleton College (Winter 2015), taught by Austin Mason and Susannah Ottaway.

This course explores the history of England from the time of the Tudors through the Industrial Revolution, with a particular focus on the history of poverty and social welfare, using digital technologies like an Omeka repository, 3D modeling programs and the Unity game engine to develop innovative ways to teach and learn about the past.

This website features class assignments and weekly reports on our progress, and will also serve as a publishing venue for the initial results of our projects.

Table of Contents

The latest updates from students on our reading, writing and digital making.

A collaboratively built overview of the major events and people in the timeline of English welfare history.

Twine Storyboards
Instructions for using Twine to create our “Day in the Life of Gressenhall” interactive narratives.

How-to documents and further information for students and visitors.

Meet Team Workhouse
Meet the students and professors working to provide quality content on this site year round.

Food Video Project
A final project where students of this class prepared meals made in English workhouses and had peers taste them, all the while filmed in a Buzzfeed video-style format.

Mapping London’s Workhouses
A final project  of a student from this class who mapped out London’s workhouses using ArcGIS.

What’s in a Good Website?
A list article on what best embodies a good public facing website such as this.