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When Carls return from their 6-week sojourn, every year they are met with the same question: “So, how was your winter break?”

In this Miscellany post, the English majors respond…in meter.

Behold, English Department Winter Break Haiku!


Seattle livin’

There’s Puget Sound in my shoes

Forgot umbrella

Noah Bunnell ‘16


I didn’t sleep much

Which is dumb since I could have.

‘Sota is real cold.

Grace Black ‘16



 He eats too many

clementines, but I can’t say

no to brief, sweet joy.

Zara Pylvainen ‘17


Skied down powdered slopes;

Floated above desert in

A hot air balloon.

Claire Edgley ‘16



I lost the house key twice twice


Serena Chalaka ‘17


Rolling in a pile

Of puppies is less fun when

They are all teething

Sam Chao ‘16


Winter break was dumb

There was no Sam Chao in it

Where is Sam Chao now?

Sophia King ‘17


Stomach still intact

post ten day Italy binge.

Gelato O.D.

Sarah Meister ‘16


comps jobs comps jobs comps

jobs comps jobs comps jobs comps jobs

just kidding, netflix

Kayla McKinsey ‘16


 such sweetness such warmth

twice i cried over my meat

i regret nothing

Emily Clark ‘17


 Hi! I’d like to add

you to my professional

network on LinkedIn.

Madeline King ‘16

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