Creative Spotlight: William Kelly, Class of 2025

Jane Kelly ('18) and William Kelly (age 12)

Jane Kelly (’18) and William Kelly (age 12)

The life of an English major can be tough: we’re told our studies are too abstract and our career prospects are constantly questioned. But our resolve is strong, and people notice. Some are even inspired to write poetry about it, like Jane Kelly (’18)’s brother William, age 12.

The English Major

By William Kelly

She would never study the praying mantis

Nor would she look for lost Atlantis

Lab coat and goggles are not her fashion

Nor is taking stocks to cash in

The writer’s life is the one for she

Thinking up ideas with a cup of green tea

And the many book that those should read

Of romance, toil, war, and greed

And though my parents will try and fight her

My sister is set on being a writer

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