Event Preview: Poetry Reading by Susan Jaret McKinstry

Welcome back to campus, Carls! The Miscellany editors are excited to bring you another term of department news, alumni interviews, student writing, and assorted literary nonsense.

First up is an event preview: Brave the projected lows and trek downtown to cozy up at Professor Susan Jaret McKinstry’s poetry reading at Content Bookstore (314 Division Street), Thursday, January 14th at 7 p.m. Her short reading (including poems written during last year’s London program) will be followed by an open reading: so come, listen, and bring a poem of your own to read.

To give Miscellany readers a short preview, Susan has been kind enough to share one of her poems with us:

Gold Rush

The gilt comma of a twisting carp
Punctuates the air and in that flash
The mucky river, the riverbank’s sparse grass,
Even the dilapidated gazebo are sparked 
Into magic and, briefly, startlingly, 
Anything is possible.

Gone. The river heals
As quickly as it was cracked,
And the evening falls into place,
And the world shrinks back into
This small town, this same day,
And the blank page of the sky.

But how can you be sure,
Standing on the small bridge,
That it won’t happen again?
Don’t you know it will?
Now the sky, a closed book,
Waits to open for the next words:

The early butterfly, the hummingbird,
The silver flash of a distant plane
As it disappears into its future,
All writing their way into the moment
And away as the fish jumps again,
Catches a bright insect, and disappears.


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