Junior Spotlight: Ta’sierra Johnson

This week in the Junior Spotlight: Ta’sierra Johnson.

What is one thing your fellow English majors don’t know about you?

When I came to Carleton I thought that I was going to be a psychology major. That was until I found out that they had to do experiments, and take actual tests. It was at this point that I realized that I would much rather write a paper and read things.

Why are you an English major? Why not History, SoAn, CAMS, etc.?

I would like to teach English after graduation, so it just didn’t make sense to major in anything else. I also found out that a majority of the required courses for other majors didn’t interest me as much. There were only a few that I wanted to take, whereas in the English department I am interested in most of the required courses and would have taken them anyway.

What is one book you’d be fine never reading again?

Catcher In the Rye. Although I have read it multiple times, I still don’t really know what that book is about.

You’re stranded on a desert island and can only bring three books. Which books would you bring?

Angels & Demons, The da Vinci Code, and Lost Symbols–all written by Dan Brown. The classics are great and all, but you can only read them so many times before they get old. With these books, I still see something new every time I read them. They are also based on real things which leads you to wonder how much of the story is fiction.

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