Creative Writing Showcase: Ariane Mass

Ariane Mass (’14) is a senior English major from New York City. Ariane will be participating in Creative Writing Comps
this winter, compiling a writing portfolio of her own poetry. Here is one of her poems:






she’s got the fire, you can see it
in her feet
the way she dances
across the undergrowth
unfazed by the steel screech
of the railroad
weeds woven between her toes
matted hair wild eyes
a rabid wolf, directionless

her body is a cast iron stage
a prison that she jams on
that gets jammed on
come play the bars, it’s a jamboree

as you strum on her unknown bones
black char crumbling between fingers
strip the tattered soiled lace that sags
across invisible jutting shoulder
your hand will graze over hungry
a wilting pocket
cradling an empty empty
change purse like newborn bloom
home to a rusty quarter
and lone dust snowflakes
that lattice like the stars
light-years away
and already long gone

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