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The first map illustrates locations of college campuses in relation to hard to count areas. This map is followed by several zoomed in maps that show campus compact member schools and the hard to count areas surrounding those schools. For more information about these maps, visit: For a pdf version of the map, visit: MNCensusMap

*Note that the following schools are not shown below: Inver Hills Community College, Minnesota State Community and Technical College, North Hennepin Community College, Southwest Minnesota State University, and University of Minnesota, Morris. To view where these schools are located, visit, click add data, search for Colleges and University, and click add.

The second map illustrates the percentage of the population that is of a minority as defined by the State of Minnesota. The two maps can be compared to see what areas are hard to count and if those areas correspond to areas with high minority populations. For more information about this map, visit:

Lastly, we want to emphasize that students and faculty can look at both maps to determine whether their college is located in a hard to count area.