Instructional Video with Professor Dave Explains

I recently came across some great instructor videos by a guy who goes by Professor Dave.  He’s actually a Carleton grad, and his videos (on lots of science-related topics) are well developed, attractive, and engaging.  Instructors who connect an assessment to these videos could easily have some great learning with Professor Dave!  Dave’s style also gives some cool ideas of how instructors can film and produce their own instructional videos!  –dann via @YouTube

Welcome to my YouTube channel! My goal is to provide the best resource for self-education in existence. I’ve already covered a lot of subjects,…
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Dann Hurlbert

Media & Design Specialist at Carleton College
Dann Hurlbert, Carleton’s Media & Design Specialist, has an MFA in Digital Cinema from California’s National University and has worked professionally as an actor and director for nearly twenty years, and designed the Little Prompter, a personal teleprompter for faculty and business professionals that is available on Amazon and He taught film, video production, and theatre for fifteen years and likely stood in your living room as an actor in more than forty national and regional television commercials. He also produced an educational video entitled “How to Write and Produce Your Own High School Musical,” which is currently being distributed by Films Media Group. Dann's a busy guy, and he loves helping others creating powerful instructional videos.

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