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Teaching Quick Tip: Getting Started with Instructional Video with Carleton’s Dann Hurlbert from Carleton Academic Technology on Vimeo.

What is instructional video?

When designed well and used effectively, short instructional videos can actively engage students with relevant content; these videos can introduce new concepts or deepen understanding of familiar topics.

Why use instructional video?

Dozens of institutions have begun researching the value of instructional video, too. For example, Vanderbilt University’s Center For Teaching offers excellent research on the topic. CFT Assistant Director Cynthia Brame describes “three elements for video design and implementation: Cognitive load, non-cognitive elements that impact engagement, [and] features that promote active learning.” Videos should identify and reinforce key points through signaling, segmenting, weeding, and matching modality.

How to use instructional video

  1. Identify and articulate the desired learning outcome.
  2. Know the method by which you’ll assess the learning.
  3. Create a short script or outline that is broken into 2-3 meaningful cognitive steps.
  4. Consider what visuals will reinforce your desired learning outcomes.

Then, don’t forget to use the various analytics available through your LMS (Moodle) or your video player to Check, Reflect, and Perfect. Check to see who’s watching what parts; Reflect on the viewing patterns and your assessment results, and tweak for next time to Perfect your teaching.


Our faculty have used instructional videos for a multitude of reasons, including introducing conceptual topics, demonstrate how to perform specific tasks, and providing additional insight into complicated topics.


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Dann Hurlbert

Media & Design Specialist at Carleton College
Dann Hurlbert is Carleton College's Media & Design Specialist, and he works directly with faculty to develop effective instructional videos and to evaluate associated learning and video effectiveness. Dann also supervises 30 students and manages Carleton's campus Event Video Production. Prior to Carleton, Dann spent 15 years teaching video production and theatre and worked as a professional actor and director — appearing in 50+ television commercials and nearly that many stage productions. His MFA thesis included producing an instructional video entitled How to Write and Produce Your Own High School Musical, which is currently being distributed through Films Media Group. He’s got a certificate in online teaching through UW Stout and has loads of experience as both a face-to-face and online instructor. He also designed and manufactured the Little Prompter, a personal teleprompter that helps educators easily create and flawlessly delivery their own video content. The LP2 is now available on Amazon and littleprompter.com You'll often hear Dann advocate for the use of video . . . but only when it's both engaging and developed with assessment in mind.

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