Grant Winner Introductory Videos

By Dann Hurlbert & Eric Mistry

Our faculty delve into a variety of unique projects, often aided by internal grants. This fall, we produced a series of introductory videos for any grant winners who were interested. It can be a challenge bringing an engaging thirty minute interview into an introductory video of approximately two minutes, so we have to carefully pull only the most relevant pieces of information while maintaining the personalities of our interesting subjects. Every project is slightly different, and that’s what makes each one a fun challenge.

Here’s a sampling of our work from this project. Enjoy, and let us know what you’d like to see more of!

All videos can be found here, or you can click on the embedded videos below.

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Eric is the Associate for Academic Technology. An Iowa Native and graduate of Grinnell College (History and Technology Studies), he’s responsible for a variety of projects across Academic Technology. He manages the Carleton Lightboard, publicity materials, and the team’s emergent social media and web presence. He also makes delicious coffee.

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